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“I ain’t going to stand for it,” Mama said. She said this often.
She held a small dead human about as long as an ear of corn. Even though the head was too big, the hands too small, you could tell it might have been somebody.
“Push down,” Mama said.
My sister moaned. With a gush of blood the afterbirth slid onto the bed. Her skin was white as wood ash.
“I don’t feel good,” she said.
“Shut up, Pearl Anne,” Mama said. “Shut up and grow up.”
“I’m seventeen.”
“You’re acting like a two-year-old.”
“I’m going to throw up,” Pearl Anne said.
I wasn’t feeling so hot either.
“Go get some towels, Ether Mae. Help get Pearl Anne cleaned up.”
I didn’t move. Pearl Anne got herself into this fix, not me. I’d never had a boy put his thing into me. Pearl Anne said it felt funny but not so good that she couldn’t do without it. So she’d decided to quit. She wanted more respect. She quit too late. . . .
. . .
Beginning of the story “The Activist”

This story, “The Activist,” tells about coming of age, about passage from a child to an adult. Coming of age is different for every human being, and may not happen significantly or distinctly in more than a few, so a story about coming of age has the potential to add to a reader’s understanding and possibly stimulate new thought. The point is, every literary fictional story, to be read, remembered and passed on to others, is better if theme and meaning are embedded in the storytelling and the characterization. In "The Activist" the child protagonist, Ether Mae, is appalled by the actions of her mother and she defies her.

Most writers do not start out to inform, they have a story idea and through structure, action, dialogue and thought, the theme and meaning emerge as the story is created. Read or listen to "The Activist" (2617 words or 16 minutes) and see if storytelling with meaning makes sense and you agree it's important. I would value your comments.

READ or LISTEN TO ENTIRE STORY “The Activist” HERE http://storyinliteraryfiction.com/original-stories…

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