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Sabrina SlusserWell, several of my stories that I have written are inspired by my sometimes frighteningly vivid dreams. Other times by events that I share with my significant other. The best story I have written thus far, and it is unfinished due to my laptop malfunctioning and dying on me, is a fantasy based on two characters my artist fiance and I created. It talks of their mysterious and slow growing frienship. It points towards race, and I did a ton of research on habitat, landscape, and other mythical beliefs. Once I saw the characters on paper I just had to make them come to life. From their quirks to the wildly different lifestyles

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William H ColesNeat! Thanks for contributing.

1 week ago

Thomas White Jr.Very nice

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Yuki HashimotoActually saw a full art adaptation of this, it was really neat. People can be so creative.~

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Christopher Haydenvery very interesting. thanks for posting.

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Vincent TricamoJust think of all the people who made a difference in someone's life or lives ,and never made notoriety ! Only they know , any may never know how their life influenced!

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Linda HanleyI don't have trouble finding ideas ! I'm very curious about other people's lives and I research them -- and fill in the blanks ! People from long, long ago.

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Nana Kream IIDaryl is one of the unsung heroes of the black community

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Caroline ParMy most recent short story was inspired by an odd dream where a heartbreaking incident was actually a game played by ancient Gods. "Then they pressed reset to try again..."

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Jeremy W. SymingtonSpy vs. Spy

23 hours ago

Kevin HayesHow are you Mr. Coles? I am a VERY amateur writer who has just completed a Novel of my Own and now I'm in need of help as to what to do. It's completed but I need a Good Editor who is AFFORDABLE...

14 hours ago

Thor JohansonFor some of us, lucid Dreams are almost always a good start.

13 hours ago

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