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Kenyon Lectures

Presented by William H. Coles at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio.

Narration in Literary Fiction: Making the Right Choices

June 22, 2010

How Humor Works in Fiction

June 25, 2009

Kenyon Lectures

Great stories / Books on writing

Books on Writing

The art of writing stories in literary fiction is a vast topic not easily captured in a single book. And there are numerous books on the craft of writing that, while important, miss the concepts of most value to the literary fiction author.
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Stories for Study

Stories that give delight through imaginative development and continue to do so for generations have not only a universality to them, but are also valuable examples for writers. When a story becomes part of our literary heritage, story elements such as characters, events, and phrasing, often become a usable part of our language and actually enhance communication and understanding among us all.   Recommended reading …

Recommended Reading

SILF Audio: mp3 short stories

Perfect for driving, workout, or relaxed listening.
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mp3 Short Stories

Books about Writing

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide by William H. Coles. An essential guide for every writer of fiction. Learn: Character, Narration, Structure, Dialogue, Point of View, Writing in Scene, Drama (Conflict-Action-Resolution), Humor, Revision. …more…

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Story in Literary Fiction

Story in Literary Fiction: A Manual for Writers, by William H. Coles, is a succinct and clearly written reference for fiction writers. Principles and guidelines for writing present the essence of creating a memorable story. …more…

Read a free sample here …

Literary Story as an Art Form: A Text for Writers

This textbook helps writers become the best storytellers possible. Part I provides clear, useful ways of structuring and writing a great literary story. Part II takes a sample of an original short story created for the text and details options and choices in writing the story from beginning idea to the last revision. …more…

Books about writing

Book Candy TV

Watch recordings of live Book Candy TV conversations with William H. Coles and:

Writer/artist team Josh Neufeld and Sari Wilson.
Julia Glass about her recent novel “The Widower’s Tale.”

Workshop Advice

Workshops – I. Choosing a workshop

Ideas to help chose a workshop that will be most useful to your writing career. …read…

Workshops – II. Making the Experience Valuable

Can you assure your experience at a workshop will provide maximum improvement in your writing, and not just comments on a manuscript or writing exercises? Ideas for helping you extract the most from the workshop experience. …read…

Workshops – III. How to Critique a Manuscript

Suggestions for organizing the critique of a manuscript. …read…

Workshops – IV. Workshops and Literary Agents

Advice on what to expect from agents and editors who attend writing conferences as faculty or publication resources. …read…

Workshops – V. Top-Ten Rules for Fiction Workshops

Although creative-writing fiction-workshops vary greatly, the general format is a student manuscript critiqued by fellow students under the direction of a leader …read…

Workshop Advice

Literary Quizzes

Comment Summaries

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Comment Summaries

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      Hello. Thanks for getting in touch. All the art work on site is created by artists I’ve met, discussed my goals for illustration of my fiction, and then commissioned them for a specific project. Only one work of art was painted before the process of collaborative work to develop illustration. I am eager to discover new artists to contribute to the project, and I have worked in the arts for decades and am proud that I can promote artists through the internet and print publication, can allow an artist’s work to be seen by more than a quarter of a million viewers. So, if you’re interested, tell me how I can view your portfolio. If I have a project that I think will work with your style and talents, we can develop a project. If you don’t have a portfolio/examples of your work, you are welcome to read stories online (they’re free) and illustrate one to submit as an example. In illustrating a literary story, I’m looking for an artistic work in scene that expresses or stimulates thought and feeling about what the literary story is about. In essence, it’s more than just copying an imagined scene, it’s attempting to get an image that captures why the story was written. For examples, study “Speaking of the Dead,” the drawing by Betty Harper, and “The Thirteen Nudes of Ernest Goings,” two paintings by David Riley. I pay for all accepted illustrations; the compensation varies. I buy only unlimited use of image; the artist maintains copyright and the ownership of the original work to sell and use as they desire. All the best, WHC

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