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The Stonecutter

William H. Coles

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The Stonecutter

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I was fifteen, never in love, and yearning to leave home when a red, two-seated convertible drove up to our gate.  The driver’s door opened, and a girl of twenty-two with a perfectly shaped, light-skinned body emerged in a see-through dress that showed almost everything, and I imagined the rest.

My father, a tall, imposing figure of a black man with bulging muscles from carving statues and grave markers for the dearly departed, tried not to look.  He felt strange around women, I assumed because my mother had left when I was two.  He never talked about her or much of anything, and we lived alone on a twelve-acre plot of half swamp property where I suffered his long silences broken only by the sharp blows of a hammer driving a metal chisel into stone.

Well, this girl was a treat for both of us.  She closed the door and looked to our been-here-forever, two-room shack raised two feet off the ground by concrete blocks, with only a screen door on the front and all the windows up to catch a breeze.  My father worked on, but slipped a glance when he knew she wasn’t looking.

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Illustration(s) by Peter Healy

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4 Responses to “The Stonecutter”

  1. Brandell Says:

    thanks william for the story. you know im crying

  2. Violet Beckner Says:

    My mother told me once, there are two sides to every story. You wrote with building emotions of hurt that we hide inside.
    And yet we feel compelled to do what is right even through pain and anger.
    Love for the word.
    Thanks William for the thought.

  3. Ctlove Says:

    Great story. It compelled me to read on and gave me a real sense of who the manin character was. I felt the pain of the father and Anna Tee.

  4. Sun~Rose Says:

    This is a beautiful story, filling my eyes with tears. Thank You for writing it William.

    with Love and Appreciation,

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