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Essays on Writing
Story: what to do
Literary Fictional
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Drama Desire and Motivation
Credibility Dialogue Improving Dialogue Characterization

Philosophy: write for the right reasons
Author's Attitudes How
Stories Go Wrong
to Write the Great Literary Story
The Anatomy
of a Wannabe Literary Fiction Writer
Victims as Characters in Literary Fiction

Craft: do it well
Momentum Information
and Literary Story
1st person
POV in
Top Story/
Bottom Story
Strong Voice
and Attention
to Time
Humor and Fiction Emotional Complexity in Literary
Conflict in
What Exactly
Is a
Based Plot?
Writing in Scene

Original stories by William H. Coles
Inside the Matryoshka Speaking of the Dead The Necklace The Golden Flute The Amish Girl
Dr. Greiner's
Day in Court
The Cart Boy Big Gene Grief The War of the Flies
Father Ryan Sister Carrie The Gift Suchin's Escape The Stonecutter
Facing Grace
with Gloria
Homunculus The Perennial Student The Activist Curse of a
Lonely Heart
The Miracle of Madame Villard On the Road to Yazoo City Captain
Withers’s Wife
The Thirteen
Nudes of
Ernest Goings
Clouds Dilemma Crossing Over The Bear Lost Papers

Rebecca McClanahan D'Ambrosio Rob Spillman Susan Yeagley / Kevin Nealon Michael Ray
Michael Malone David Lynn Lee Martin Jim Shepard Lori Ostlund
John Biguenet Julia Glass Ron Carlson Robert Olen
Lee K. Abbott
Steve Almond Fred Leebron Jonathan Dee Kirby Wilkins Josh Neufeld /
Sari Wilson
Lan Samantha Chang Tom Jenks Peter Ho Davies

Kenyon Lectures
Narration in
Literary Fiction:
Making the Right
How Humor
Works in Fiction

Great stories/Books on writing
Books on Writing Stories for Study

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Story in Literary Fiction: A Manual for Writers Literary Story as an Art Form: A Text for Writers Facing Grace
with Gloria and other Stories
The Short Fiction
of William H. Coles
The Illustrated
Fiction of
William H. Coles
The Spirit of Want The Surgeon's Wife Guardian of Deceit

Workshop Advice
I. Choosing a workshop II. Making the Experience Valuable III. How to Critique a Manuscript IV. Workshops and Literary Agents

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    William H. Coles's books on Goodreads
    Sister Carrie Sister Carrie
    reviews: 12
    ratings: 16 (avg rating 3.25)

    Guardian of Deceit Guardian of Deceit
    reviews: 8
    ratings: 9 (avg rating 3.33)

    The Spirit of Want The Spirit of Want
    reviews: 1
    ratings: 2 (avg rating 5.00)

    Story in Literary Fiction: A Manual for Writers Story in Literary Fiction:
    A Manual for Writers

    reviews: 1
    ratings: 2 (avg rating 5.00)

    The Surgeon's Wife The Surgeon's Wife
    reviews: 1
    ratings: 3 (avg rating 3.00)

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