The Necklace and Other Stories

Award Winning Stories:
William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

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The Short Fiction of William H. Coles 2001-2011

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Nine short stories about American life, unrequited love, familial distrust, and unfair parental control, and a novella where cultures clash and humans survive with caring and selflessness overcoming the default of violence and destruction.

Each story rich with unique characters proving they have the will to survive life's most difficult obstacles, and discover their own capabilities to affect their own destinies.

The Necklace
Two couples on tour find new meaning in their lives after the theft of a precious necklace.

The Golden Flute
Two women with declining allure fight for supremacy for the men in their lives.

The Amish Girl
A girl and boy in love challenge diverse cultural values.

Dr. Greiner’s Day in Court
A young girl comes of age when her father is charged with murder.

The Cart Boy
A store manager befriends an employee.

Big Gene
A black piano player infiltrates the KKK in the cultural wars of the seventies.

A mother grieves her former boyfriend and sees her daughter in a new light.

The War of the Flies
A grandmother helps her grandson maneuver in the custody battle of his parents.

Father Ryan
A Catholic priest confronts lust.

Sister Carrie
Forced by circumstances to mother her younger sister, Jessie Broward learns the meaning of love when her sister marries a foreigner.


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