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Audiobook McDowell by William H. Coles is an audiobook narrated by the author himself, the tale of one man’s struggle to find meaning after losing everything. McDowell is at the peak of his professional life as a surgeon, a man who even got accepted into the president’s cabinet. But his pride and arrogance make him lose […]

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Tour of Duty by Coles

Tour of Duty, a gripping novel by William H. Coles, is set in France during the 1960s. It is here that Miles Ballard serves as a doctor in the Air Force. Although he becomes the General’s physician, the hospital commander considers any suggestion insubordination. Our hero’s life interweaves with that of other characters as a Jewish woman who seeks information about her family; an ex-girlfriend who would like to reconnect; Read More

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McDowell reviews from Indie Book Reviews – “McDowell” by William H. Coles is truly a great piece of storytelling, and any literary and character drama fan should go and read this (and the other novels by this author). There are several familiar arch types and tropes that border on cliché, but Coles manages to just avoid […]

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Guardian of Deceit

Guardian of Deceit reviews from Indie Book Reviewers – A beautifully written and richly evocative examination of life, love, loss, and the ravages of humanity, and the different ways people react to unthinkable situations. This powerhouse of a story is equally packed with action and emotion, and is sure to please even the pickiest of literary readers. I […]

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The Spirit of Want

The Spirit of Want reviews from Indie Book Reviews – Well-written, creative, and thought-provoking, “The Spirit of Want” by William Coles is a great read for fans of literary drama and romance novels. This book has a cast of great characters and plenty of unexpected intrigue and twists to keep us interested. We really feel like we are in […]

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The Surgeon's Wife

The Surgeon's Wife The charming city of New Orleans as well as a varied cast of interesting characters are the main components of this intriguing novel. Mike Boudreaux has been the Chief of Surgery for four years, and he is faced with the challenging task of dealing with his favored professor and mentor, Clayton Otherson. Dr. Otherson is […]

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Sister Carrie

Sister Carrie Imagine feeling as if no one understands you and no one seems to really want you. William H. Coles explores these themes in Sister Carrie. The Broward children have just buried both of their parents, rather unexpectedly. The youngest sister is a mere 17 years old and needs someone to take care of her until […]

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The Short Fiction of William H. Coles 2000-2016 A collection of short stories, graphic novels and a novella that all grapple with the idea of humanity, human errors, and how every human perceives a situation differently. Sometimes the stories are about counting your blessings and being happy with them, and sometimes the stories are about the trials and tests that humans have to […]

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Creating Literary Stories What is literary fiction? And what makes it different from memoirs or genre fiction? Literary fiction is something that will stand the course of time; it will make a bold statement and allow the individual reader to grow in his or her experience merely by reading the story. Basically, literary fiction is a complex work […]

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The Art of Creating Story

The Art of Creating Story An educative volume with essays about the process of creating fictional story; interviews with authors, editors, publishers, and a Pulitzer Prize winner on the writing process; and original short stories that illustrate concepts and techniques of storytelling in prose. Major topics include: characterization, narration, character-based plotting, dialogue, drama, point of view, significance, and revision.

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