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McDowell is a book everyone will love to read. The book has, a structure that you can’t even predict what will happen next, so as you read, event comes as a surprise which makes the reading interesting in the book, the author tried to use words, that makes the story looks real. What I love about the book is the plot telling about the life of Hiram McDowell and, others around him. And I also like the way the writer titled some chapters making the reader follow up. During the course of my reading, I don’t think there is anything that made me hate the book, so for that I will recommend this book for anyone who has interest in reading it.
I sincerely enjoyed this book and, I will rate it 4 out of 4 stars. The author has created an effective story. I gave it this rating because, the book deserves it, also for the plot and the characters being used, it is really mind bending. I’m sure anyone who reads it will love it.
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