Alex Reeves


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Sincerely speaking, this book is packed with more emotions than I’ve ever encountered in any book. Love, hate, anger, sadness, happiness, freedom, fear—you name it. All these emotions were projected onto me as I fell into place as one of the characters in this novel. I felt like a bystander watching a man’s life get built, broken down, and rebuilt again. The characters in this book all had unique attributes that made me appreciate the fact that I made up my mind to read it.
The book detailed the life of Hiram and all those around him in an engaging way, and his story resonated within a deep fiber of my being. The lessons I learned from this book greatly exceeded the entertainment it provided, and I sincerely appreciate the author for giving me the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge in this book. The language style was captivating, and I held on to everything the author was trying to project into the reader’s mind. Hiram may not be a good person in the eyes of some people, but from my perspective, the steps he took to rebuild himself were worth it, as they gave me a much-appreciated, unique view of life. Read the entire review here…