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McDowell the book is a skeptical reminder of life’s inequalities. Hiram’s travels and clever planning to avoid being caught are illustrated very well. Hiram’s fall from grace and the sea change in his attitude to eke out a few pennies and get a decent meal and bed are sometimes very touching. The journeys of Hiram’s daughter Sophie and Paige the TV reporter as they struggle to make a career bring relief to the monotony of Hiram’s wanderings.
William H. Coles is sometimes brunt, sometimes touching and down to earth in the portrayal of the various characters and pleasant descriptions of the places where Hiram travels. I rate McDowell the novel, 4 out of 4 stars for its realistic portrayal of the two unconnected periods in Hiram Mcdowell’s life. Men at some time are masters of their fate. Each is therefore made accountable for the choices they make and the outcome of these choices decide their life. This is well articulated and William H. Coles must be credited for that.
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