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McDowell by William H. Coles is the story of Dr. Hiram McDowell. A celebrated surgeon, Dr. McDowell is single-minded in getting what he wants. His climb to the top is not without casualties and is not without some questionable practices. Cold and calculating, there is no denying his brilliance but when tragedy strikes, his world comes tumbling down. Grief and anger put him on a criminal path that will see his life of privilege and wealth all but destroyed. Can Hiram rebuild his life? On the run, Hiram embarks on a journey that will change the very core of him, change the way he lives, but is it enough to rebuild life as he knew it or will he become a different man? This could be Dr. McDowell’s one chance at redemption but will he take it?

McDowell by William H. Coles is a brilliantly written masterpiece of literary fiction. A story that could so easily be true, riveting to read. The emotion pours off almost every page and you can feel it; you can feel the sadness, the humor, the anger at the main character to start with. In the beginning, you really do not like Dr. McDowell and his fall from grace will make you happy but that is the turning point of this story. From there on, the action really picks up the pace and takes you on a journey you will never forget. This book is for everybody. It is full of lessons on life and attitude. We can all learn something here and every reader will take away something different from this book. The characterization is excellent and William H. Coles has created a main protagonist that you absolutely hate from the start but grow to love. Be prepared for an intense read; there is so much going on but every single word is relevant.