Anne-Marie Reynolds


From award-winning author, William H Coles comes Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide. Ever dreamed of being a fiction writer? Tried your hand at it but just can’t figure out where you are going wrong? Then this guide may be just what you are looking for. This is a no-nonsense, to the point guide that leads you by the hand through the ins and outs of writing a great literary novel. Learn the structure, how to build up your characters, narration, and dialog. Learn how to get your point of view right, how to add drama and action to your story and a bit of humor where necessary. Most of all, learn how to revise, revise and revise again until you get it right.

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide by William H Coles is a great guide for anyone thinking of starting out as a fiction writer or who has started but has become stuck. It really is a no-nonsense guide, written in a way that is incredibly easy to read. Where some books about fiction writing seem to ramble, this one doesn’t. It gets right to the heart of the matter, each chapter about a different part of writing, and there are plenty of examples on what you should and shouldn’t do. It is a short guide but you will learn more from this than wading through a book four times its size on the same subject. It doesn’t promise to make you a great fiction writer right off the bat – that’s down to you – but it does give you the grounding you need to take you forward. If you are intending to write fiction, read this guide and then keep it beside you at all times. You will refer back to it more than once.