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William H. Coles has woven such an intricate tale that would elicit a whole range of emotions from many of its readers. I sometimes get angered by Hiram’s indifference and standoffish behavior towards the people around him, and there are times I would feel joy, pain, and anguish for Ann, Sophie, or Billie. I love the depth of the characters populating the book because they’re not just simply black or white, but characters that have their good sides and bad sides as well, same as you and me. There’s also the genius of the storytelling here that though I first deplored everything Hiram did and represented, I gradually grew to understand and like him towards the end. It’s really a character-driven narrative that a lot of readers will appreciate.
All in all, McDowell is such a surprising and excellent read for me, and I highly recommend it to people looking for something with a bit more meat in the story and characters that are very much relatable. I give this book 4 out of 4 stars.
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