Carolina Restrepo


Review from Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS
Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide is a book dedicated to the must do’s and mustn’t do’s when writing fiction. It’s separated into subjects and strategies: characters, narration, points of view, emotions, motivation, dialogue, writing in scene, humor, and more. This is an essential guide for anyone who wants to write fiction. William H. Coles, an award-winning and multiple novels and short stories author, brings to the world a complete and enjoyable guide to writing good fiction; his examples and strategies are the basis for every well-thought-of character, dialogue, and overall story. His guide will be the gateway to successful fiction writing for any amateur, professional, and beginner writers out there.

William H. Coles’ history as a successful author is more than enough to label this book as triumphant. His experience in writing has allowed for this guide to come to life. His advice and strategies are compelling and, most important of all, they are backed up with examples, which is something that helps writers to see the changes he proposes and why certain strategies work best. I am an aspiring fiction writer, and this book has come in very handy for future projects. I cannot recommend this book with more enthusiasm; it is a complete and thorough guide to one of the most complicated things there are, creating people and stories out of thin air. Double thumbs up for this one! I enjoyed it and cannot wait to use what I have learned.