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This William H. Coles book, entitled McDowell, discusses lies, treachery, retaliation, bitterness, wrath, greed, and similar topics. I discovered that it’s best to honor promises that we make because breaking them can have negative effects on the other person. Couples should learn to treat their marriage seriously and to raise their kids in the right way. In the book, I also learned a few medical terms. Additionally, leading an impulsive, materialistic life puts one’s life in jeopardy, as do the lives of those close to them.
The author has done a fantastic job of assembling these excellent pieces. Everything was explained in clear terms. It is simple to read and has a legible font size. Events’ times and locations were accurately recorded. There are two sections to the book, each with a separate chapter. Since I didn’t see any typos or grammatical problems while reading, the book is well-edited. Additionally, the characters are well-developed.

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