Christian Maundu


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I liked the flow of the book and the interesting plot twists the author used to make the story enjoyable. I can’t mention them without creating spoilers. They made the story enjoyable as the readers tried reading the book to find out what happened since each scene created suspense. I liked the descriptive content of the novel. They made the characters engaging. With the characters’ appearance in mind, the characters appeared familiar. For instance, he describes Oliver’s appearance, Ingrid’s husband, making readers remember his appearance each time he appears in the story. Finally, I enjoyed the emotion in the novel, for instance, Emily’s story to Ingrid. It made the story real since it emotionally tied readers.
I recommend this book to people interested in novels with stories of events of the Cold War period. They would enjoy this book since it talks about the events of the Cold War, describing the state of Europe back then. Read the entire review here…