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The Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles is an audiobook that explores the complicated relationship between two medical professionals in New Orleans. Clayton Otherson has been Mike Boudreaux’s mentor and the man who brought him on board. Clayton is getting old and his practice as a surgeon is featuring errors that can be deadly to patients. As the head of the management of the operation room, Mike disciplines Clayton and puts restrictions on him. It is something that Clayton doesn’t take in good faith, and to make matters worse, Mike eventually develops an affair with Clayton’s wife. Clayton is now a man whose pride is deeply wounded. Can he handle thoughts of revenge and his psychological state that teeters towards insanity?

A compelling psychological novel with a strong plot, The Surgeon’s Wife is a story that is very entertaining and that explores human conflict. Themes of love, profession, power, and the quest for revenge are well-developed. I have read other books by this author, including his nonfiction book, The Art of Creating Story, and the novel, Sister Carrie, and they were wonderful reads.

The Surgeon’s Wife carries his usual signature for plot and character and a writing style that forces the reader to follow the characters as they evolve through the conflict. The audiobook is narrated by the author in a voice that is strong. It is clear and the tone reflects the general atmosphere in which the conflict develops. William H. Coles is a gifted storyteller and his books have the kind of entertainment that I look for as a reader.