Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

In McDowell, William H. Coles tells the story of a successful surgeon and his tragic fall, exploring human weakness in unexpected ways. The protagonist is McDowell, a surgeon who is both arrogant and selfish, and who, at the peak of his success, becomes more and more unpopular among his peers. Things go downhill for him when he is convicted of second-degree murder, loses all respect, his career, and wealth. Imprisoned, he escapes and becomes a fugitive. Can his losses be restored and can McDowell find redemption in a world that is harsh and unforgiving?

This is an emotionally engaging story and I enjoyed the author’s gift for character. From the relationship between McDowell and his three children to motivation in characters like the TV reporter, the author ensures that the humanity of the characters comes out in the narrative. The writing is great and filled with vivid descriptions. McDowell is a classic story that features an elaborately written character with a serious tragic flaw and it will be interesting for readers to discover how the actions of a man can affect his family. It is fast-paced and has strong psychological underpinnings.

The narrative voice is strong and it grabs the reader right off the bat. The audio version of the story is narrated by the author and in a voice that respects the pacing, allowing the dramatic effects of the narrative to come across to readers. The audiobook is clear and professionally created. I listened to the whole story in two sittings.