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Honestly, I simply adored this book. A big part of its allure is its historical accuracy; you felt like you were in the 1960s. Subtle references to the past, like the bombing of Nagasaki, the acquisition of France by Germany, and D-Day, were always referenced in some way. This helped preserve the book’s authenticity while simultaneously preventing the storyline from dwelling too much in the history of the times and consequently causing it to diverge from the story. Moreover, I liked that these events had an impact on the characters’ lives. Ingrid, a Jew, is called a slur in the novel out of anger. Another example is the various reactions from the French towards Miles, as he’s an American man in France. This made the characters feel more realistic and contributed to the historical appeal of the book. The dialogue in the novel was dense but flowed brilliantly and felt natural as the characters argued, teased, laughed, and discussed with each other. The novel’s tone is one of my highlights. Published in 2022, the novel reads like one typewritten in the 1970s and reminded me of The Great Gatsby due to its old-school tone.
Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a highly creative, brilliantly written, and well edited piece of work. The author has spun a wonderful story from the perspective of captivating, relatable characters. Read the entire review here…