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Hiram McDowell is a highly skilled surgeon, mountain climbing enthusiast and philanthropist of healthcare charity foundation in Nepal. He is an infidel husband to his third wife, Carole Mastriano and a ruthless stepfather to her two daughters from her previous marriage. His ambition to build a new direction for the College of Surgeon to be hailed again as world leader in surgery, made him bribe for presidential votes and deceive his colleague Michael O’Leary. If there is a soft spot in his heart, it is his love to his children from his second marriage, Billie and Sophie. The roller coaster ride in Hiram McDowell’s life includes Billie, who had an affair with one of Carole’s daughter (Tasha) and Ann (his daughter from his first marriage) who got tangled in a chaotic marriage. Despite the loopholes that happened during his presidential reign, Michael O’Leary failed in his plot for vengeance. After committing mass school murder, Jeremy (his grandson from Ann attempted suicide but was not successful. This incident progressed to his conviction of euthanasia (mercy killing) that resulted to his stay in jail then break free in quest of redemption.
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