Elendu Clement Ekechukw


Review from OnlineBookClub.org
A 5 out of 5 is appropriate for this book. From one viewpoint to the next, Mr. Coles writes with ease. Even though the point of view shifts often (about every couple of chapters), the reader is still able to appreciate the novel despite this. In actuality, the many viewpoints emphasize various interpretations of the struggle. These differences are fascinating and provide the reader with a unique perspective on every aspect.
The vivid detail that was there throughout the novel was my favorite part. As I read, I felt as if I could nearly see the happenings. I liked how the book begins with action to grab the reader’s attention right away; I couldn’t put it down! Additionally, the tale moves along at a pace that seems believable. Characters undergo dynamic transformations in ways that are both genuine and captivating. The novel sometimes reads more like a memoir than a tale. McDowell is exceptional in this regard since I have never felt this emotion when reading another book.

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