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This book is written in a way that each of the chapters has its own separate plot (similar to a “slice of life” story). It’s also written from multiple points of view, which adds depth to the overall storyline. This is a unique writing format, especially for historical fiction. It’s a breath of fresh air from the tense, gloomy, and tragic nature of most wartime historical fiction.
There are so many positive things about this book such as the complex characters, the simple yet gripping plot, and how well it portrays the post-WWII world. It’s a wonderful piece to just pick up when you want a quick read that leaves you feeling warm inside. One of the things I personally love about this book is how it makes the readers feel what the characters are feeling. From the happiness, hate, grief, and frustration, I often find myself feeling the same emotions that the characters are, which is something not a lot of books are able to do.
Overall, I give this book a 4 out of 4. It’s a genuinely good book that will be perfect for anyone looking for a quick read that makes them feel happy inside. Reading this book was a blast and I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s an wonderful, down-to-earth, heart-warming, and gripping book that I believe all historical fiction fans need to pick up and read.

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