Eriny Youssef


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CREATING LITERARY STORIES: A Fiction Writer’s Guide by William H. Coles explains everything needed to write a literary fiction story, starting off with the basics (definitions and introductions) all the way to the more complicated items.
The content is delivered in a fun non-academic way. It’s not easy to achieve this kind of readability when writing a guidebook made up of advice and lists of dos and don’ts. The author crafted the chapters and sections skillfully that the whole thing is perceived as a discussion or a conversation rather than a lengthy tedious lecture.
The best thing that I personally liked the most is that the author seems to truly understand the deal and what he is explaining to the readers instead of just throwing in words and instructions from a textbook. On the contrary, some parts clearly suggest that the tips come from experience. Now, when experience is paired with a good writing skill, you get a guidebook that is worthwhile.
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