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McDowell is one of those books that will leave you pondering. You’ll laugh, cry, feel hatred, judgmental, and even revise your initial judgment of the main character.
William H. Cole’s McDowell is a fascinating story. It is an in-depth portrayal of the principle of cause and effect. Of what you do today might haunt you tomorrow. This set me thinking about the lives we lead. Which I believe is the primary purpose of this story to set you thinking. The first half of the book showed Hiram in all his glory. As a man who is in charge of his life. But the second half portrayed him as a total float that is driven by his situations. Often alone he tries as much as possible never to be found as he journeys from place to place meeting new people and hiding from the law. It appears he would not have had this experience if he was just a little more attentive to people when he had money, power, and fame.
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