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He is arguably known as the father of modern short stories and one of its most prolific writers. He is none other than the great poet, Edgar Allan Poe, who once said:
‘A short story must have a single mood, and every sentence must build towards it.’
In Illustrated Short Fiction of William H.Coles: 2000-2016 by William H. Coles, Edgar’s statement rings true. The book comprises thirty-three short stories, two graphic novels and one novella.
The book is a page-turner. I like how my attention was quickly engaged even though the characters were underdeveloped. It also leaves a lot of scope for imagination so the reader can always draw their conclusions on the plot. I like the way each story leaves me yearning for more. Unlike a novel that almost certainly has a conclusion, this short collection story is like playing a deck of cards. It is unpredictable yet engrossing. The author’s narrative writing style is rich and seamless, weaving its magic smoothly through each storyline.

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