Francis Ignacio


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There were many things I liked about this book. It was well-written and evoked a lot of emotions in the reader. The author gave a vivid description of the psychology of humans and how most of us behave when we attain success. The book talked about the challenges the doctor faced to rise to the peak of his career, but also at the expense of giving his family the needed attention and love they required. The characters were well-developed. We met the children of Dr. McDowell during the story. The backstory of the characters made them realistic.
Another reason why I like this book is that you cannot guess the ending of the book until you finish it. There was suspense, and this kept me glued to the book. It also addressed many societal issues like mass shootings, bribery of government officials, and the legality of assisted suicide. All these topics were quite informative for me. Read the entire review here…