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One thing I love about this book is that it spans Hiram’s personal life. As a father and husband, he did not play his role effectively, as was evident in the lives of his children. This reminded me that as a father and a husband, money is not the only requirement in raising a good, moral family. From this book, I also learned a thing or two about the medical world that is quite relatable. I also learned about the peril of developing enemies on your route to the top from this book.
While reading this book, I never expected it to be this interesting, and I must commend the author for the wonderful job he did in story development and the writing style, which made the book interesting and unique in its own way. Character development, which made it simple to recognize the characters, is another advantageous feature of this book. This book is divided into seventy-two short chapters, and each chapter contains an integral part of the entire story. Read the entire review here…