Gunnar Ohberg

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Ambition, greed, legacy, morality, and redemption are only a few of the many themes in William H. Coles’ epic adventure, McDowell. We first meet Dr. Hiram McDowell, celebrated surgeon and titular protagonist, as he attempts to navigate the Himalayas during a violent snowstorm. His actions and decisions in this opening scene foreshadow much of what constitute Hiram’s complex character: his determination, quick and harsh decision-making, and questionable moral compass.

Flash-forward one decade later, and the aging McDowell finds himself the head of a family that resents him and with a career that does not fulfill him. His third wife, Carole, despises him. His wayward children, Ann, Billie, and Sophie reach out to him for money and little else. His peers at the International College of Surgeons loathe him for political and personal reasons. And an energetic and talented journalist, Paige Sterling, has discovered possible evidence of fraud and corruption that threatens to tarnish his reputation and dismantle his political ambitions. Hiram’s actions in the wake of a familial tragedy compound the growing pressures in the doctor’s professional and personal life and kickstart a chain of events that lead to his downfall and possible redemption.
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