Hakim Kelvin


Review from OnlineBookClub.org

I did find this book fascinating to read. The shocking and unexpected twist in the story was what I enjoyed most about this novel. Nobody could have predicted Hiram’s fate the way it did. I had emotional instability when I was reading this book. I used to detest Hiram so much and pray for him to suffer a lot, but eventually, I began to feel sorry for him and asked God to give him another opportunity. Ultimately, I realized how much I hated everyone who was against Hiram and those who wanted him to fail. This book has a lot of moral teachings. We should learn not to seek retribution, even though some individuals are wicked or have many wounds. So that we won’t later regret our conduct, we should file a lawsuit and let nature take its course. Never act without first considering the effects.
Absolutely nothing about this book bothered me. In my opinion, one of the finest fiction novels on my shelf is this one. This book was professionally edited, as I discovered a few errors while reading it. Also, the author did a great job with the character development in this book. He took his time building each character without rushing them into the story. No reader will become bored reading this book because it is jam-packed with comedy and emotions.
McDowell receives a rating of 5 out of 5 stars from me. People who enjoy reading fictitious biographies and works about families with minimal action should read this book. Read the entire review here…