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Many authors today—in the literary fiction world—tend to imitate writing styles of their favorite or popular authors instead of finding out the correct formula that will result in a perfect masterpiece, capable of surviving for many centuries. As a result, there are many badly written fictional books outside there, dangling in the ether, populated with clichés or hackneyed descriptions, or simply extraneous authorial ideas. William H. Coles’ Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide is a skilfully written guidebook for both novice and experienced literary fiction writers. This book acts as a bridge for authors or aspiring authors who will want to join the league of successful writers.
Overall, Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide earns a sparkling 4 out of 4 stars. This is a recommendable handbook for all writers—whether you are an amateur or an experience/professional writer. If you are an aspiring author, get a wiggle on and grab this book to polish your terrible writing skills. College students, pursuing literary studies or creative writing, should as well read this vital book.
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