James Carter 8


Review from OnlineBookClub.org

First off, I’d like to say that I really enjoyed this novel. For one, it was very historically accurate. The author subtly alluded to historical events, like the Jewish Holocaust and Hiroshima, in such a way that it never overshadowed the main narrative but was still enough to immerse me in the past. In addition, for a book written last year, the tenor of the novel was superb. It’s written in the sort of archaic English common to the time; it reads like a book published straight out of the 1950s. It’s consistent throughout the story, and it really put the finishing touches on the book for me. The characters themselves were wonderfully written. They were all affected in some way due to their identities and respective histories; they all had motives for their actions, and their backgrounds were fully explained. Moreover, these characters changed throughout the story due to these experiences. Miles, for example, first strived to be a successful surgeon. However, after several incidents, he felt like his help with individual patients was rather inconsequential and pointless in the grand scheme of things. So he shifted his career path and now aspires to provide general health to the general population in aspects like mental health and wellbeing. This character growth made the characters relatable and much more likable.
In all, I think this book is deserving of 5 out of 5 stars. It’s an exceptionally well-written and well-edited piece of literature. The writer took up the challenge of manufacturing a plotless story and has done so brilliantly. The characters were compelling, creative, and all of equal importance to the story. It’s an inventive glimpse into the past and a joy to read. Read the entire review here…