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Readers I may not want to be quick in judging this book because the author may have portrayed Dr. Hiram as a very ill-behaved man, but as the book went on, we saw what Dr. Hiram’s true character was and how he adapted to a life that he never planned for. Another aspect of the novel that I liked was the life-changing lesson the book taught its readers. If you can make a connection with Dr. Hiram’s life, then you will learn a lot of lessons from it. What I loved again was how the cover of the book told a lot about the story. The book’s cover depicted a man in a menacing pose, and Dr. Hiram certainly fit that description.
The protagonist was my favorite character in this book because, despite leading a miserable life at first, after experiencing life’s trials, he changed from his villainous persona and evolved into a very strong and upbeat person. I enjoyed every aspect of this book, and there was nothing I didn’t like. Dr. Hiram’s ability to transform from a proud and arrogant man into a patient and humble man is another quality I admire about him.
I will rate McDowell by William H. Coles 5 stars out of 5. This novel stirs up a range of emotions, including fury, contempt, sympathy, and eventually appreciation. I believe the author did amazingly well in the creation of this story; even his narration was top-notch. Read the entire review here…