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The Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles is a mix of romance and family dynamics, a novel that follows two surgeons through a powerful conflict. Mike Boudreaux is a surgeon in New Orleans, mentored by Clayton. Clayton is more interested in trauma surgery, and the problem is that Clayton’s surgeries leave patients with injuries and unpleasant outcomes. As head of the Operating Room Committee, Mike is forced to place him under restrictions and Clayton takes it badly. Things become more complicated when Clayton’s wife falls in love with Mike. It is an unforgivable blow to Clayton who feels deeply betrayed and this affects his mental health terribly. What happens next?

Filled with drama and unpredictability, The Surgeon’s Wife pulled me in right from the start. William H. Coles does a great job of exploring the complicated relationship between Mike and Clayton and I particularly enjoyed how Coles writes the conflict. The premise is very strong — the mentee has to make difficult decisions to discipline his mentor. The world of the characters is beautifully portrayed in the writing and if this author isn’t a medical practitioner then one must suppose that he did a wonderful job of researching the novel.

The Surgeon’s Wife has strong plot points; it is fast-paced and has characters that are compelling and believable. It is hard not to have pity for Clayton. Mike has his own stressful moments and readers watch as he deals with complicated situations. The audiobook is read by the author and it is something that I liked. It feels like someone telling a story naturally to an audience in a clear and engrossing voice. The audio is professionally recorded and clear.