Joshua Ogutu


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McDowell is a story that is packed with enough episodes to thrill its audience. This story has lessons that teach us on hospitality. It also trains us on the importance of being humble and kind to others. The story incorporates several episodes that are capable of stirring emotions of reader. Conflict is the fuel that propels the plot of McDowell to great heights and I loved how the author strongly develops this theme making it one of the pillars that supports this story. The elegant narration is capable of having you captivated as you read this story.

William H. Cole develops this story into a character-driven story and I loved how he fully utilizes his characters in this story. No character is merely created as an instrument to be used in the development of the plot. All characters have a role to play in taking McDowell to the next level. I loved how this story comes to an end in a way that will astonish the readers. This surprise ending gave me authority to declare McDowell a pragmatic book that most if all not readers will like to identify with.
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