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McDowell by William H. Coles is a page-turner story featuring a man’s journey to self-realization. Hiram McDowell, the main character, experiences a rollercoaster lifestyle that makes him realize his shortcomings, which he never saw before.
I enjoyed the book’s plot twists and bits of suspense. It was fascinating how McDowell’s luxurious lifestyle took a u-turn, which I had not expected. That made me love the book more. I also applaud William Coles for his fantastic story flow. Each chapter in the book was a staircase on which the story’s sweetness was ascending. Additionally, the author used simple vocabulary that is easy to understand. Also, the themes he highlighted in the book, such as marriage, parenting, revenge, crime, and betrayal, are relatable to real life.
I did not encounter any negative aspects in this book. It was exceptionally well-edited, and I disliked nothing about it. Therefore, I rate McDowell 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to fathers and people who see themselves as humanitarians. McDowell’s life adventure story has a lot of dos and don’ts for them.

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