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I give McDowell by William H. Coles four out of four stars. This book was unlike any other book I have read. It’s uniqueness as well as how the author was able to change my mind is why I liked it so much.
Somewhere along the way, I don’t even know where it happened; I started to realize I maybe didn’t hate him anymore. His actions begin to change, I think without even McDowell realizing it. And he also seems to for once be actually happy. I found myself rooting fore him to redeem himself, although he had a long way to go. The ending was a surprise to me- however it seems like the only thing that could happen in order for the reader to view him as a sympathetic character in the end. This book would appeal to readers who like a slow burn novel that pits you against a character, but then eventually, maybe changes your mind a little bit. Read the entire review here…