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This book was a very satisfying read for me, because the details and story development are written very precisely, with little to no “fluff” or unnecessary information. I was able to turn the pages quickly and without confusion as to what was going on. Although I was never confused, I also never knew what was going to happen next, and thoroughly enjoyed the unpredictability of the plot.
I think that the author accurately depicted the difficult and often tumultuous road of self-exploration. In real life, we often get caught up in what we think success should look like, and forget to keep our feet on the ground. I am certain that anyone who reads this book will know someone who shares characteristics with McDowell, and it may even be themselves. By leading the reader on a journey of self-reflection with his main character, Coles shows the reader that we should pay attention to the roadblocks we face in our own lives, because an unexpected change of direction may be exactly what we need.
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