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The setting of the book was in multiple states of the US due to the travels of Hiram especially in part two, and Kathmandu, Nepal. The setting of the book worked well with the strong dramatic plot that was fast paced but smooth, keeping the reader intrigued and guessing at what may happen next until the very last page of the book. You literally feel as if you had no idea what he will throw at you next, something i particularly liked about it and due to this and the fact that there were few errors in the book, i rate it 4 out of 4 stars which i believe it earned.
The way that Coles showed the direct and indirect effect that Hiram had on all the characters in the book up until his death was something that i liked due to the realism of the idea. I loved that Cole showed the growth and development of Hiram’s children once they were able to let go and come out from his shadow. This is especially so for Billie and Sophie.
I recommend this book to those who are looking for something that will intrigue you from beginning to end, i can guarantee that thus book will not disappoint. I recommend it for readers who like to delve into the mysteries of the mind and are willing to deal with the harsh realities represented within which are sadly still a part of our reality.

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