Liney Eyo


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This book allows the reader to get an insight into what living in such times could feel like. The book portrays what finding or not finding self and love can cost us as human beings. I believe in finding love and happiness if you earnestly seek it and take the right steps towards it. After reading this book, I am convinced that this book will be an inspiration to people who have lost hope in humanity that yes, there will always be evil people with ill personalities, but it’s up to us – whether we have been hurt by people or have hurt people ourselves – to decide to take the bus on a route of change. It will also be an inspiration to people who feel they are incapacitated to love or receive love because of how hurt the past relationships in their life had rendered them. I love and admire the support Miles and Ingrid rendered to each other through the journey of the book. I love the mixed culture that was represented in this book, I could see the francophones properly and could see the western culture properly, there wasn’t any blur. The family life, ranging from the ill-structured ones to the beautifully organized ones, was very entertaining to read. I found no error in this book, it is safe to say this was properly edited and the historical events accurately dated.

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