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Review from Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS
The Art of Creating Story by William H. Coles is the ideal resource for writers to have on their shelves. Coles delivers a breakdown of the literary story by sharing about the craft, advice, and providing useful interviews and examples. Coles delves into the breakdown of the various parts that include creating the character, narration, drama, dialogue, and action. One aspect of this book that stands out is the use of interviews Coles provides with influential sources like Lee K. Abbott, Jonathan Dee, Rebecca McClanahan, and Kirby Wilkins, and more. These interviews provide other perspectives on creating stories and writing which allows you to form your own style and opinion. Coles includes personal essays that cover a range of topics such as killing your darlings, creating great literary fiction, creating great scenes, and more.

The book is well-organized into craft, thoughts and advice, interviews, and contains an appendix that has blog posts and short stories. William H. Coles goes into the literary fiction story by delving into the basic components such as structure, theme, plot, and the breakdown of creating a character with their development, complexity, significance, and more. The book also delves into the creation of character before the writing even starts and reminds us that in literary fiction characters move the plot forward. The structure goes into in-scene vs. narrative telling which takes a look at the point of view, voice, and narration. The writing is in the form of a teaching tool with an analytic tone and approach that makes this perfect for writers honing their skills, young writers gaining more experience, and students learning. This is the ideal work for those looking to delve into the genre of literary writing and teaches them how to write suspense, how to withhold information when telling a story, and describes the difference in telling and showing action.

The book also delves into the fundamentals of dialogue with basic rules of how it advances the story, moves plot, voice, and tone, and how it adds drama. These elements make it easy for writers to gain a better understanding and as Coles covers every aspect, writers at every level can find the help they need. Coles also offers ideas for improvement in terms of dialogue and how it helps the story as a whole. The book is a resource for understanding parts of writing such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc., which is what makes it a great companion for a writing class. The book has humor throughout with essays like “how writers murder their darlings (and stay out of prison).” The Art of Creating Story is an easy resource for any level of writer and makes the perfect resource for those new to writing and those honing their skills.