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I’ve never read such a suspenseful and intense book as this. Hiram McDowell is such a perverted sociopath who doesn’t care for anything or anyone but his interests. His indifference sometimes pushed him over the edge, and he sometimes brushed shoulders with those he shouldn’t have. Take his wife, Carole. No matter how much she persevered, Hiram threw it all away. Carole no longer cared, and he would likely have no one to turn to if he found himself in trouble. His unappreciative attitude caused him to double-cross Michael and so many others in his path. The fact that the main character was also the villain in a way made the book unique and set it apart from others I’ve read.
It would be a cliché to say how good the other aspects of the book were, but they are still worth mentioning. The characters were well-rounded, and it was easy to understand their motivations, except for McDowell, who seemed to be driven by nothing other than his own interests. The suspense was on point and well-sustained throughout the book. I can’t think of any negative aspects of the book. Read the entire review here…