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The book was great, with interesting chapters. The author structured the book well since each chapter had a title, preparing the reader what to expect; for instance, the engagement deal with Miles meeting with Ingrid and Oliver for dinner as they got to know each other. I admire the author’s effort to help readers have an image of the characters to enjoy the story, for instance, the descriptions of the character’s appearance. He describes Oliver’s physical appearance. It makes readers remember his appearance each time he appears in the story. The author incorporated real emotion, making the story lively. Emily was in love with Miles but didn’t marry him because of her parents. She came searching for him but couldn’t reach him and told Ingrid how sorry she was and wanted to apologize. You could see the sorrow she had in the text.
I have nothing to dislike in Tour of Duty. The story is set in France during Cold War with amazing characters.
I rate Tour of Duty by William H. Coles five out of five stars. Each chapter had a title and dealt with a specific event. The author brought real emotion that connected the readers to the characters. Reading an emotional story is enjoyable. He made an effort to enable readers to visualize the appearance of characters by describing their physical appearance, making the story enjoyable. These positive aspects make the book worth a perfect rating. Read the entire review here…