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This was a masterpiece of storytelling and character development. Even if they only played a small part in the overall book, you still felt like you got to know the personalities of almost every character. It also seemed like a realistic story, like it was something that truly happened instead of being entirely fictional. This is due to the way in which it was written, following Hiram’s life but also his family’s to portray how his actions were affecting them. Add in Paige to cover his story from a different view and you see how all of it plays out from multiple viewpoints with different opinions. I loved all the little details of the environment as well as characters that were added into the book, because they added a lot more realism into the story. You can tell that Coles put a lot of time and effort into developing complex characters and environment and it paid off. I also appreciated the way the book was split into the two different parts because it further emphasizes the stark difference in Mcdowell before and after his downfall.

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