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The author did an absolutely exceptional job creating and developing these characters. Their quirks, unique physical features, and personalities made them personable on a whole other level. In the beginning, I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate a character like McDowell as much as I did. As the main character grew, my hate turned into sympathy and I learned to love him. Even minor characters like Willie and Winona were exceptionally developed. This made them seem like real people instead of fictitious!
I am one of those people who need to be drawn into a story within the first chapter. Otherwise, I quickly lose interest. This was not the case with this book. My attention was fully caught after reading just the prologue. The story moves lightning fast so be sure to pay close attention. The overall plot was full of surprises and suspense.
There isn’t anything to dislike about this book. It was professionally edited since I didn’t come across any typos or grammar errors. McDowell deserves a solid 4 out of 4 stars rating. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Which is a huge compliment to the author since I’m a pretty picky reader.
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