Nicholas Bush


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At first, when I picked up this book, I had no idea it would contain an interesting plot that would teach me a lot. From this book, I was able to understand so many secrets in the medical world because this book is relatable in every sense. From McDowell’s life, I was able to learn the dangers that come with betrayal. Above all, this book taught me that no matter how wicked and selfish a man can be, there is always space in him for love for his family, as in the case of Hiram. Despite the level of his selfishness, his love for his children was very obvious.
The plot of this novel is among its strongest selling points, as every genuine reader would concur with me. Given how interesting and twisted the plot is, it would be wrong not to give the author kudos for a job well done. The writing style is another aspect of this book that is deserving of mention because it made the book unique in its own way, and the author also did a wonderful job in character development, which is another part of the book that piqued my interest.

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