Nyongesa Mcneil


Review from OnlineBookClub.org

I liked the flow of events in the story. The book starts with Miles’s arrival in France and then develops into an enjoyable story. I also liked the description of events and the characters. The author describes the events well, making the reader imagine how they were; for instance, Miles meets with Colonel Springer after he refuses to take wine. I could imagine the picture of that, making me enjoy it. He described how the characters appeared, making them familiar to the reader. He describes Oliver Stern’s appearance, helping the reader easily remember him. I liked the emotional instances of the story since they made me think of what I could have done if I was in the same situation. The author expressed Emily’s pain and sorrow after failing to find the guy she loved and abandoning him for a guy who never paid attention to her.
The book has no negative aspects. Every inch of the story was breathtaking; hence, not finding anything to dislike.
I rate Tour of Duty by William H. Coles five out of five stars. It was professionally edited because of the error it had. I admired how the author brought real emotion to a fictional story. You could feel real emotions in the story despite being fiction. The descriptive content was great and helpful in making the book detailed, and readers would enjoy it. The book had a flow and was well structured, with each chapter set to discuss a specific event. It ensured easy reading and made the story enjoyable to read. The book was knowledgeable since it discussed events of the Cold War and interesting topics about World War II. I give the book a perfect rating considering all these positive aspects. Read the entire review here…