Ochieng Stephen Owino


Review from OnlineBookClub.org
William H. Coles has brought to life a myriad of characters that help to shape up Tour of Duty into a wonderful story. The main character has also been well-developed; he is very imperfect, but yet kind and thoughtful. The book is clearly well written, and it is very obvious that the author has put a lot of work into researching the facts. Coles has also put real-life emotions and events into the book, depicting the varying tendencies of the human nature. He easily portrays and contrasts the easy-going nature of the Americans to the rigid nature of the French. The book also contains a couple of subplots that entertain and educate the reader.
In my opinion, there are no negative aspects in this book. Tour of Duty is the perfect mix of fiction and historical facts that shaped our world majorly. The themes addressed in this book invoke a lot of thoughts and views; especially for me, I wondered how different the world would be if some atrocities had been avoided. This book is comfortable to read as it contains some minor profanity. It is also exceptionally well edited, as I came across no errors. I am happy to rate this book four out of four stars for the above reasons.

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