Oye Timothy


Review from OnlineBookClub.org
Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide is a gem. A book worth sharing. I found it immensely rich with knowledge and insights. I have always been a fan of storytelling and I had no idea of starting the journey until I read this book. I loved how he used fictional examples to explain some concepts in his book. This was really appreciated because someone who has no prior experience in writing or storytelling will find this easy to understand.
I have always been a writer that fancy using a second-person’s point of view to narrate my stories. But this book has been a revelation to me as I discovered that the second-person’s point of view narrative did not have much impact on the readers. He emphasized that using a third-person’s point of view narrative gave the reader a chance to understand every character’s perspective in fiction. Each chapter was written in simple English and it was quite engaging. Every term was deliberately and separately explained.
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