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This novel deserves a 4 out of 4. Mr. Coles writes seamlessly from one point of view to the next. Even though the point of view changes frequently (approximately after every couple of chapters), it does not distract the reader from enjoying the book. In fact, the different perspectives serve to highlight different views of the conflict. These contrasts are intriguing and give a unique insight to the reader at every angle.
Above all, I loved the descriptive detail that was present throughout the book. Throughout reading, I could almost see the events taking place. I also enjoyed how the novel starts out with action to draw in the reader’s interest from the beginning, I could not put it down! The story also advances at a timeframe that feels realistic. Characters change dynamically in ways that are as realistic as they are intriguing. At times, the book feels more like a memoir than a story. I have never felt this way about another book, which makes McDowell unique in this sense.
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