Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

The Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles is a romantic/medical drama that readers of both genres will enjoy. The story follows Mike Boudreaux as he is caught in a moral dilemma. Mike looks up to Clayton Otherson who is his mentor. No one is more shocked than Mike when he falls in love with Otherson’s young and beautiful wife Catherine. They both develop feelings for each other and soon they have an affair that changes everything. Things become even more complicated when Mike has to correct Clayton for mistakes he makes by injuring his patients. From there, things go downhill and soon Mike has more than his career at stake if things don’t get better soon. Will Mike be able to hold on to his job and keep his relationship with Catherine intact?

While William H. Coles is not a professional voice over artist, he does a great job of narrating the story and adding his essence to it. His tone is perfect for the story, he keeps his cadence low and allows the tone of his voice to draw readers in. I enjoy the soothing quality of his voice and how he brings his story to life. I love how the pace of the story builds as the story progresses. The story opens a little slowly, but it moves on and picks up after a couple of chapters. The development of the plot is great, the characters get plenty of opportunities to grow and the author does a great job with showing their arcs in the best light. The whole story is very much character-driven. There is a spark in Mike and how he is portrayed. He just made me read on and not stop until I reached the end. William H. Coles’s characters grew at their own pace and let readers know they are the ones who created this story. The author also does an incredible job of making readers feel the emotions his characters are feeling.