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This is the story of a man named McDowell, who had everything he ever wanted. Whatever he wanted, he achieved and he was proud of it. Envied by his peers, he was arrogant and selfish, but not with his family. He truly loved them and wanted the best for them, so when his grandson commits murder and then fails to commit suicide, McDowell’s life comes to crashing to a halt. His grandson, Jeremy, is now paralyzed and living a life worse than death. However, when his grandson dies under suspicious circumstances, McDowell is arrested and is now awaiting his sentence. But he is not a quitter; he is a fighter and does his best to escape his fate. He runs away from prison and starts a journey in which he learns his flaws and faults. He learns what life is in the hardest of ways and discovers that he is not as invincible as he thought he was.

McDowell by William H. Coles is the thrilling tale of a man who thought he had it all until his life came crashing down and suffocated him. McDowell is a powerful and compelling story that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and wanting to know more. His character development was intense; he had a complete 360-degree change in his personality and, surprisingly, it didn’t sound forced. The author brought about the change slowly and gradually so that his transition from an

arrogant man to a humble one was believable. His change was almost spiritual in nature, which added another dimension to the story and made it even more interesting. Apart from McDowell himself, I enjoyed how the story flowed seamlessly and compellingly. The pace was fast, the characters were believable and the overall atmosphere was perfect for keeping me invested in the story until the very end.